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About Us & Our Products

First Licensed Micro Brewery on the Fleurieu Peninsula

So how did the "Lovely Valley Beverage Factory" get its name?

It is said that in the 1800's a Governor standing on the old track going up the southern hill near the existing causeway on the Myponga - Yankalilla road made a comment, "What a Lovely Valley" thereby creating the original name of the area which is now part of the Myponga Reservoir.

Hence the name of the Micro-brewery. Old photos and information on the subject are displayed in the factory which is located directly behind the Myponga Markets.

The Lovely Valley Beverage Factory specialises in alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks including beer, stout, lager, water, ginger beer, sarsaparilla and more.

What's so special about the products the "Lovely Valley Beverage Factory" make?

The Coral Base water (which is pumped from the coral aquifer and is used exclusively in our products) is high in natural minerals.

Typical analysis shows Mg./L., Magnesium 23.5, Bicarbonate 176, Sodium 149, Potassium 3.4, Calcium 29.0, Sulphate 69.1, Iron .030, Chloride 202 and pH 7.2 - 8.3.

Magnesium - A main constituent of nerve fibres, a deficiency can produce cramps and spasms.

Sodium - Essential for proper heart function. Also aids the regulation of the body's water balance and distribution.

Calcium - Necessary for the maintenance, structure and strength of bones and teeth. Also regulates muscle contraction, including heart beat.

Sulphate - Helps balance the amount of water in the tissues and if necessary, eliminates excess fluid. It helps dispel languid feelings experienced during humid weather.

Iron - Major function is to assist in making haemoglobin, this transports oxygen in the blood from the lungs to the tissues which need it to maintain their basic life functions.

Chloride - Helps control the degree of moisture in the tissues.

Drinking hard water may protect against heart disease, researchers have claimed. Researchers from the Geographical Survey of Finland looked at 19,000 men who had suffered heart attacks. They found for every unit increase in water hardness, there was a 1% decrease in the risk of having a further attack.

Lovely Valley Beverage Factory

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Ph: 08 8558 6166

Myponga - Yankalilla - Fleurieu Peninsula

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