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Our Beverages

The Lovely Valley Beverage Factory specialises in alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks including beer, stout, lager, water, ginger beer, sarsaparilla and more.

We sell Coral Base water, available in a range of sizes or you can even bring your own container and we'll fill it for you.

Lovely Valley Coral Base Water is used exclusively to produce our chemical free, naturally brewed extensive range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Our Beverages

Lemon Fizz

Non alcoholic soft drink

Ginger Beer

Non alcoholic soft drink


Non alcoholic soft drink

Lemon Bubbly Low alcohol lemon flavour
Ginger Bubbly Low alcohol ginger beer
Cheeky Sars Low alcohol sarsaparilla
Fleurieu Pale Ale Fruity and floral characteristics, crisp clean flavour
Fleurieu Sparkling Ale Fruity aroma, full malt and hops, clean finish
Fleurieu Draught Traditional style draught, clean and fresh on the palate
Fleurieu Bitter Australian style bitter, light colour, bitter finish
Smooth Lager European style lager with subtle hint of hops
Bitter Lager European style lager with generous hints of hops and malt with the appropriate bitterness
Creamy Stout Interesting aromas, dark and malty, dry finish
Milk Stout Dark and malty with additional lactose, smooth after taste
Irish Stout Traditional Irish stout flavour, very heady
Bloody Lovely Ready made Port-A-Gaff with extra lemon
Smooth Black & Tan Combination of smooth lager and stout
Bitter Black & Tan Combination of bitter lager and stout
Smooth Lager with Chilli Smooth lager with a hint of Chilli

There is also a range of Fleurieu Peninsula wines available for sale.

We can make personalised labels for that 'special occasion' on request.

Lovely Valley Beverage Factory

Beer - Stout - Brewery - Water - Lager

Ph: 08 8558 6166

Myponga - Yankalilla - Fleurieu Peninsula

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